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Holiday Traditions

On today's podcast, my family and I shared holiday traditions that we grew up with, how they have changed over the years, and the traditions we have brought into our own homes as adults. I figured that instead of much of a blog, I would share some pictures of a few of those special moments that were shared on today's podcast. You can get an inner look at our family, our traditions, and my family. It was such a treat to get to share some of our holiday traditions, and I hope that you found a few you could maybe try with your family or your friends this year. Merry Christmas, dear ones! May you experience the profound love of our Good God in this season, wherever you are.

This was around 2003 or so...Christmas tree hunting

Another Christmas tree hunting. See our tree behind us? Usually, if we had to go in on snowmobiles, we would drag it back on one attached on the back.

Christmas dancing is a must!

I mean, how can you not dance to Michael Buble Christmas?

Now, the next few are picture proof of Andrea's "COME HOME WITH A CROWD" mantra! Here we are doing farm things...killing a turkey.

The crowd didn't necessarily have to fit in our house comfortably, but we always had extra room! We even slept in our camper trailer in the garage when necessary!

Here's another fun one from our Mexican Christmas. That year, Norma and Juan came with Andrea and the foster kids helped out with making tamales and ceviche. It was such a yummy Christmas!


I'm hungry now...

And now, the long-awaited for chicken pictures with my friends Kat and Isaiah Whelpley. They caught the chicken.

And now Katty checks for the second egg! I can't get over how funny these two are!


The whole crowd came up to my parent's place and all the kids were home. I continue to think about how special last year's Christmas was. It was pretty amazing!

My grandma couldn't wait to meet this little fella, and Jace loved her too. It is a moment I will treasure all my days.

And of course, my girl's excitement for all the things. Little ones really do bring a new state of excitement back into the holidays, don't they?

Praying you get to experience even just a moment of magic over your Christmas this year. Enjoy your family, whatever they look like--whether it is celebrating with friends who are like family, your children, or your whole expanded family. May the light of Jesus meet you in your moments this year.

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